Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

5 reasons I love Mother's Day!
From left to right: Daughter # 3, Joy Beth, #2, Jessica, son-in-love, Brandon married to #1, Jennifer, #4, Jordan.
God just flat outdid Himself when He gifted me with these 5! Aren't they beautiful? God IS better than He has to be!


Patty said...

Happy Mother's Day Sis!!!

Your daughters are so pretty!! Just like their momma!!

How is the momma to be?

Love you,

Xandra said...

Your girls are so beautiful! How is Jennifer feeling these days? This time next year she will be celebrating this day along with us!!

Happy Mother's Day!


Susanne said...

Beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Glad to hear from you. Love you, girl!

Amy Ekis said...

Oh i just downloaded a template from It'll download in a zipped folder so after it downloads open it and take the contents and put in MyDocs or somthing. then go to settings and Edit HTML then click browse and upload it. :) easy peasy.