Monday, February 26, 2007

Send a Great Revival to My Soul

REVIVAL......I don't know what images that word conjures up in your mind, but to this Southern Baptist, Southern born, Southern bred, Mississippi girl, that word is synonymous with.......ACTIVITY! Preparations for visiting evangelists, visitation, prayer meetings, meals at the church, choir practices, making sure everything is in place and just right for the church to have REVIVAL! For all us "Martha's" it's our time to shine! By the time the first service starts we are slap worn out and we can't concentrate for trying to remember if all the members of the Dorcas Sunday School class were contacted about bringing food to the church for the next night. Can I get a witness?! Now don't get me wrong, I don't mean to make light of those type of preparations, they are needed, but I'm afraid that so many times in the past I have forgotten to make the "main thing" the "main thing". The "main thing" being that God and only God can give revival to "hearts" that are prepared to receive it. Oh, that we would be as diligent in the preparation of our hearts as we are in the physical preparation for revival.

To my Living Proof sistas who happen to find their way here.......please pray for the little Mississippi church my husband pastors as we are meeting together next week (March 4-7) to seek revival from our Faithful God. We are desperate for Him! There will be some in atttendance who will come for business as usual....pray that God will absolutely astound us! I want to see His may scare me to death, but I want our little flock to know we have such a HUGE God. My heart physically aches for them. I am so jealous for them to know Him as the God of Wonders! Pray that the walls of the boxes we have enclosed our God in will come crashing down. He is so much more than we have ever imagined! Pray that God's Spirit will fall mightily and that hearts will be tendered to Him. Pray that God will frustrate the plans of the enemy.

Thank you, girls. What a blessing to be able to reach out to sisters in Christ I have never met. Such love and esteem is only possible through Jesus! Don't you just love Him?


Nise' said...

Thank you for the reminder not to forget the "main thing" and to prepare our hearts, it was a word I needed today personally..the preparation is just as important and I am not to neglect it!!Praying for the hearts and eyes to be open to our HUGE God. He will show up, will everyone see and hear?..let it be so Lord!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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