Monday, July 2, 2007

Still Workin' the Thing Out!

My man and I sometimes tease each other about our marriage...we jokingly say, "We've been married 26 years and it's been 12 of the happiest years of our lives!" After reading what Christine said about the comments she has received from women who are struggling with this challenge, I just wanted to say, I've struggled too. This challenge has made me realize how much I take my husband for granted. I've been surprised at how consciencously diligent I have had to to be at working on my goals instead of it just coming natural. From my previous post in this challenge, I would not want to give the idea that things have ALWAYS been good...far from it. Just because I'm married to a pastor doesn't change the fact that he is still a ordinary man. I married that man, not his calling, and we have had and still have the same struggles as most of you. It's been hard...REAL hard....but God had captured both of hearts before we captured each others and HE is the reason we are where we are today...still together, still in love, and still working the thing out!

If you have not been to the Living Proof Blog and read Beth's comments on the survey she conducted with some "blog husbands" (June 30th post) you need to take a trip over there. It will be well worth your time. I think it is so appropriate for those of us who are involved in this challenge. It will give some helpful insights.

Hang in there girls! Your comments and ideas have been such a help and blessing to me!


Sharon said...

My husband participated in the survey that Beth did.I read it the other night--some basic good stuff.
It is work period.
If I find my relationship with God is work-- why wouldn't my relationship with my husband be the same?
But,isn't it great that what we put out we are promised to get back?

Denise said...

May God shine brightly upon your marriage.

Nise' said...

Yep, right there with you my friend, it is a struggle and I pray that what I am working on will become habits instead of hard work!

Loved the survey results!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I need to go to Beth's to check out the survey. I'm sure it will be enlightening.

You're IS work. But, knowing you're with the man God has for you makes it all worth while. (except when he's snoring at 3:00 a.m. ;D)

blackpurl said...

You are right aobut a pastor being a man... and you married the man and not a pastorate. I think our marriage had more challenges when he became a pastor than it did before.

And now as missionaries our marriage is truly on constant display where we serve.

May God truly bless you and your husband in the coming week!

Xandra said...

I read the post on Beth's site and the comment, "Wives, you will lead us more quickly to repentance with your love than you ever will your rebuke." brought me to my knees. It gave me a starting point for my participation in the marriage challenge.

Here's to new habits and working it out every day!

Connie Barris said...

that is too funny... my husband kids around and says the same about our marriage...

he did participate in the survey.. There were no surprises...

It was good to know we are pretty normal... for


Jthemilker said...

Thanks for the reminder that we really do need to WORK at our marriage. Blessings to you and yours this week.

Amy said...

We, as PWs, do have the same challenges and difficulties as others. A lot of people don't realize this. Those everyday marriage challenges are always there!

I will be praying for your ministry marriage and the unique challenges God places there, too! Not everyone has to deal with their hubby's coworkers and clients everyday on top of the marriage challenges ;).

Blessings to you! I am glad I popped over!

Connie Barris said...

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed 4th..

God Bless you


Christine said...

Great post! I'm so glad you took the opportunity to bless others with your "been there" comment. I think women look at other women's marriages and falsely assume they're better and always have been better. ALl marriages go through stages and it's nice for the reminder sometimes!