Friday, January 18, 2008

God Stop Friday!

My mouth shall tell of your righteousness and of Your salvation all day long, for I do not know the sum of them. I will come with the mighty deeds of the Lord God; I will make mention of Your righteousness, Yours alone. Psalm 71:15
My twin sis Patty is hosting God Stop Fridays over at Girlfriends in God...gotta get in on this one. We are going to be intentional in Savoring The Observable Presence of God! What a great way to live out Psalm lets make mention of His righteousness!
My God Stop......
I am a public school music teacher and I am teaching the Historical Periods of music in my General Music classes...4 periods a day. This week we have been covering the Baroque period of music and composers from that period. Thursday we got to George Frideric Handel and his great choral work "Messiah" written in 1741. We discussed the fact that the "Hallelujah Chorus" is the most popular choral work ever written and is still sung hundreds, if not thousands, of times each year. As part of a little "pop quiz," my students were to listen to the "Hallelujah Chorus" and identify the musical texture of each section of the chorus (homophonic or polyphonic for any music students who might be out there). Each class had to listen to it at least 2 times (they're still trying to get the hang of this perceptive listening thing...). All of that to say....I spent my day listening to the "Hallelujah Chorus"! The reality and truth of the simple phrases of that chorus bombarded my aching heart and weary spirit......
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth, the kingdoms of this world and of His Christ!
And He shall reign forever and ever!
King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Tears stung my eyes and I fought back tears in each class as I realized once again who my God is and what He was speaking to me. He reigns! He is in complete control. Only He knows what it takes to conform me into the image of His Son. He is at work in me and in the lives of my family and He loves us infinitely.....and I love much!


Nise' said...

Wonderful! Can't listen to Messiah without tears and goosebumps.

Denise said...

Such a beautiful God stop.

Patty said...

Praise God!! Remember what we learned in Nashville about God being the God who bursts through? I know the battle has been long but I believe He will burst through for you in a way you wouldn't expect , He did it for me a few months ago and now we are living in Nashville. One minute I am feeling desperate and almost out of hope and then, the answer comes!!! How great to have that song at this time in your life.
Great GodStop!!
Love You,
Your beautiful twin sis. LOL!!!

Fran said...

WOW! That is just beautiful. I bet those students had no idea how they were being "blessed" right at that moment?! I hope it got into their hearts.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sharon said...

I pray that seeds were being planted as the kids listened. Maybe they felt what you were feeling???

Patty said...

Just stopping by to say you have been on my mind and that I love ya!

Nise' said...

Stopping by to say Hi, hope all is well!

Patty said...

Hi sis! You have been on my mind a lot and I wanted to stop by and say hi and I pray everything is going great for you!!!