Friday, June 1, 2007

My Mighty Women of His Word!

My first-born, Jennifer & my son-in law, Brandon at their wedding last June.
They are now in seminary at Louisville, KY studying to teach and preach God's Word.
She just set up her own blog, sistas, so go by and say Hi! I've been telling her all about my blog sistas, so I want her to meet you. Visit her at Savor the Master's Blend.

Daughter #2, Jessica, Daughter #4, Jordan, & Daughter #3, Joy Beth at Jordan's 13th birthday party.
Jess is a senior at Blue Mountain College (one of our Baptist colleges in MS) and is Asst. Camp Director for our State Baptist Youth Camps this summer. Biblical studies major.
Joy Beth is a senior in High School... owns more commentaries than me and wants to be the next Beth Moore!
Jordan is the psalmist of the bunch. Plays the guitar beautifully and writes praise and worship songs.
Am I blessed or what?!


Nise' said...

Your girls are gorgeous! Fine looking son-in-law too! ;O) How blessed you are that they are following after the Lord! YaHoo, we need some more women that have Beth's love for the Lord! Love all your J names, I had C names until the last one, which was a huge surprise, he got a J name!

Jennifer said...

Hey, you do have some gorgeous girls and a fine son-in-law! I have a site now. Go see it! It's not much yet, because I have to stop to go to work. I will try to get pics on later. I love you!

Sharon said...

What a blessing.
I am praying that one day my son gets it.
I pray that this summer he experiences a little awakening.
You have a beautiful family--inside and out.

Laura Jolly said...

Hey Ms Tammie! How cool that you're a blogger!! I visit a blog daily about biblical womanhood that you might enjoy. It's
Love you and hope to talk to you soon!
Laura Jean

Tara Sloan said...

What a powerful testimony! I have five girls and I pray they are as rooted and grounded in Him as yours are!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

You are blessed indeed!